1. That is conducted by a board or for which a board is responsible;
  2. At which a quorum of members of a board is present;
  3. That has been called by a board; and
  4. At which board members receive information from, give information to, ask questions of, or receive questions from any third person, including an employee of a district, about the public business or public policy over which the board has supervision or control.



"Videoconference Call"

Social Function, Convention, or Candidate Event

Legislative Committee or Agency Meeting

Superintendent Participation

Open to Public

Parental Access



Board Member Attendance


Notice Required

Continued Meeting

Inquiry During Meeting


  1. As otherwise required by law; or
  2. To hold a joint meeting with another district or with another governmental entity if the boundaries of the governmental entity are in whole or in part within the boundaries of the district.

Time of Notice and Accessibility

Internet Posting

Specificity of Agenda / Notice

Emergency Meeting or Emergency Addition to Agenda


  1. Fire, flood, earthquake, hurricane, tornado, or wind, rain, or snow storm;
  2. Power failure, transportation failure, or interruption of communication facilities;
  3. Epidemic; or
  4. Riot, civil disturbance, enemy attack, or other actual or threatened act of lawlessness or violence.

Special Notice to News Media



  1. The district's jurisdiction is wholly or partly located in the area of a disaster declared by the president of the United States or the governor; and
  2. A majority of the members of the board are unable to be present at a board meeting as a result of the disaster.

Secret Ballot

Meeting by Telephone Conference Call



Meeting by Videoconference Call


Multiple Counties


Quality of Audio and Video Signals


Remote Participation by the Public

Video and Audio Recording of Meeting

  1. Regularly scheduled open meeting that is not a work session or a special called meeting; and
  2. Open meeting that is a work session or special called meeting at which the board votes on any matter or allows public comment or testimony.

Internet Broadcast

Attorney Consultation


Hearing-Impaired Persons

Normangee ISD



DATE ISSUED: 10/31/2017