Professional Development Requirements

On an annual basis, the District shall designate a specific number of staff development days as mandatory in-service training. The remaining days of staff development may be taken at the discretion of the employee, provided that the training involves the essential knowledge and skill, state exit-level tests, or the specific job assignment of the teacher.

An employee who fails to meet the professional development requirements shall either have a day of leave deducted or be docked a day of pay. Any professional development activity must be approved by the principal in order for the employee to receive credit.

Meetings, Conferences, and Workshops

Professional personnel may attend and participate in meetings, conferences, and workshops that will contribute to their professional growth and development. [See also DMA]

When attendance at such events is recommended or required by the administration, the Board, TEA, or UIL, personnel may attend with the Superintendent's approval. No salary deduction or loss of leave shall occur when attendance is recommended or required.

The Superintendent may grant additional absences to employees for attendance at meetings, conferences, and workshops that are of special interest to the employee.

Crandall ISD


LDU 2007.02

DATE ISSUED: 8/13/2007