Energy Conservation

The District believes it is its responsibility to ensure that every effort is made to conserve energy and natural resources while exercising sound financial management.

The implementation of this policy is the joint responsibility of the Board, administrators, teachers, students, and support personnel, and its success is based on cooperation at all levels.

The District shall maintain accurate records of energy consumption and energy cost at each campus and shall provide information periodically to the Board on the goals and progress of the energy conservation program.

The principal shall be accountable for energy management on his or her campus. Energy audits shall be conducted and feedback shall be given to the campus principal to ensure that an effective energy management program is maintained on a daily basis.

To ensure the overall success of the energy management program, the following areas of emphasis shall be adopted:

Every employee shall be expected to contribute to energy efficiency in the District.

Administrative guidelines shall be developed to facilitate the implementation of the District's energy program.

Crandall ISD


LDU 2010.03

DATE ISSUED: 4/19/2010