Selection of Officers

A president, who shall be a member of the Board.

A secretary, who may or may not be a member of the Board.

Such other officers and committees as the Board may deem necessary.

Education Code 11.061(c)


Duties / Powers of Board President

Public Meeting on Budget and Proposed Tax Rate

Call a meeting of the Board, giving public notice not earlier than the 30th day or later than the tenth day before the meeting, to discuss and adopt the budget and the proposed tax rate. Education Code 44.004 [See CE and CCG]

Financial Statements

Ensure that the annual financial statements are published as required by law. Local Gov't Code 140.006 [See CFA]

Mineral Rights

Execute an oil and/or gas lease or sell, exchange, and convey the minerals in land belonging to the District, approved by resolution of the Board. Education Code 11.153


Execute the deed for the sale of property, other than minerals, held in trust for free school purposes. Education Code 11.154(b)

Crandall ISD



DATE ISSUED: 12/2/2002