School Marshals

Pursuant to its authority under state law, the Board may appoint one or more persons as a school marshal if the person is an employee of the District and certified by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) as eligible for appointment. [See CKEB(LEGAL)] For purposes of Education Code § 37.0811(d) and any adopted regulations, the Board does not consider its District central office administrators or its campus administrators to have the primary duty that involves regular, direct contact with students.

The Board shall adopt regulations that, at a minimum, address the following:

  1. The manner in which a school marshal may carry or possess a handgun on the physical premises of a school;
  2. The specific school(s) at which a school marshal may carry or possess a handgun;
  3. The extent of a school marshal's authority to make arrests and exercise all authority given to peace officers under the Code of Criminal Procedure.
  4. That a school marshal may not issue a traffic citation for a violation of the Transportation Code.
  5. That, if the primary duty of a school marshal involves regular, direct contact with students, the marshal may not carry a concealed handgun but may possess a handgun on the physical premises of a school in a locked and secured safe within the marshal's immediate reach when conducting the marshal's primary duty; and
  6. The type of ammunition that may be loaded in a handgun carried by or within access of a school marshal.


All school marshals shall receive at least the minimum amount of education and training required by law.

Valentine ISD



DATE ISSUED: 10/25/2019