Note: For purposes of this policy, the term campus charter includes a program charter.

Campus Charters

The Board shall consider an application for a campus charter if the applicant:

  1. Complies with the statutory requirements for a campus charter;
  2. Follows the application process established by the District; and
  3. Supplies evidence to the Board that the applicant will comply with the statutory and District requirements for a campus charter.

Compliance with Law

Campus charters shall comply with all federal law and with state law governing such charters and shall be nonsectarian.

Application Process

The Superintendent or designee shall schedule an informational meeting for anyone expressing interest in establishing a campus charter. Applications and petition forms for a campus charter shall be available in the central administration office or in a designated place that is accessible to parents and teachers in the District.

Applicants shall present a draft of the application to the Superintendent or designee in accordance with a timeline established in administrative regulations. The Superintendent or designee shall work with the applicants in completing the application process.

A public forum shall be held to allow the applicants an opportunity to present their proposal to the Board and to the community prior to formal consideration by the Board.

Final applications and any applicable petitions for campus charters shall be submitted to the District prior to January 1 for Board consideration of a charter to begin the following school year.

Content of Final Application

A final application for a campus charter shall include the following:

  1. The purpose and need for such a campus or program;
  2. The unique distinction between the proposed campus or program and the District's current campuses and programs;
  3. A mission and goals statement;
  4. The curriculum to be offered;
  5. A plan for measuring student achievement;
  6. A governance and decision-making plan, including a list of local Board policies that shall apply, as well as a list of any local policies the applicant is requesting the Board to waive;
  7. An enrollment and withdrawal process;
  8. A plan for maintaining and reporting PEIMS data in accordance with state requirements;
  9. Discipline procedures;
  10. A safety and security plan;
  11. A plan for providing facilities and student transportation;
  12. A facility and maintenance plan that includes routine maintenance as well as emergency procedures for managing potential danger to the health and safety of students and employees;
  13. An employment plan consistent with federal and applicable state guidelines, due process requirements, and contract nonrenewal and termination procedures; and
  14. The role of the chief operating officer responsible for personnel, the budget, purchasing, program funds, and other areas of management.

Applicants shall submit with the application any required petitions indicating evidence of support for the approval of a campus charter.

Content of Charter

A charter shall be a written contract signed by the Board President, the Superintendent, and the chief operating officer of the campus charter.

Each charter shall satisfy the requirements of the law governing campus charters and include the items listed in the application, with any modifications required by the Board.

In addition to the legally required contents of a charter, each charter contract shall:

  1. Stipulate a term length for the charter; and
  2. Establish a date for review or renewal of the charter.

Revising the Charter

Revisions or amendments to a charter shall follow the same process outlined at Application Process, as applicable.

Provisions for Probation or Revocation

The Board may place on probation or revoke a campus charter in accordance with the charter contract if it finds that the campus charter:

  1. Violates a provision of applicable state or federal law;
  2. Violates a provision of the charter, which may include failure to meet academic or financial accountability requirements; or
  3. Fails to meet generally accepted accounting standards for fiscal management.


The Superintendent shall investigate any allegation that a campus charter has violated federal or applicable state law or provisions of the charter or fails to meet generally accepted accounting standards for fiscal management. The Superintendent shall hold a conference with the chief operating officer and governing body of the charter campus or program to discuss any such allegation.

If the Superintendent determines that a violation or mismanagement has occurred, the chief operating officer of the campus charter shall respond to the allegation at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting. The Superintendent shall ensure that the issue is on the agenda.

The Board shall hear the presentation and take action, if necessary, to place the campus charter on probation.

If the Board decides to consider revocation of the campus charter, it shall schedule a public hearing to be held on the respective campus.

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DATE ISSUED: 6/6/2017