1. Process for approval of a campus charter or program charter;
  2. Statutory requirements with which a campus charter or program charter must comply; and
  3. Items that must be included in a charter application.

Campus or Program Charter

  1. The parents of a majority of the students at that campus; and
  2. A majority of the classroom teachers at that campus.

New Campus or Contract Charter

  1. A new district campus; or
  2. A program that is operated:
    1. By an entity that has entered into a contract with the district under Education Code 11.157 [see EEL] to provide educational services to the district through the campus or program; and
    2. At a facility located in the boundaries of the district.

Voluntary Enrollment

Parental Removal

Teacher Assignment

District Charter

Enrollment Limit


Open-Enrollment Charter School

Cooperative Campus Charter

  1. The parents of a majority of the students at each school; and
  2. A majority of the classroom teachers at each school.

Performance Contract

Duration of Charter

Neighborhood School

Student Eligibility


Charter Contract

  1. Satisfy the requirements governing charter campuses and programs; and
  2. Include all information required to be in the content of the charter consistent with the information provided in the application and any modification a board requires.

Content of Charter

  1. Describe the educational program to be offered, which may be a general or specialized program;
  2. Provide that continuation of the charter is contingent on satisfactory student performance on state-required assessment instruments, satisfactory financial performance under state financial accountability provisions, and on compliance with other applicable accountability provisions;
  3. Specify any basis, in addition to a basis specified in Education Code Chapter 12, Subchapter C, on which the charter may be revoked;
  4. Prohibit discrimination in admission on the basis of national origin, ethnicity, race, religion, or disability;
  5. Describe the governing structure of the campus or program;
  6. Specify any procedure or requirement, in addition to those under Education Code Chapter 38, that the campus or program will follow to ensure the health and safety of students and employees; and
  7. Describe the manner in which an annual audit of financial and programmatic operations of the campus or program is to be conducted, including the manner in which the campus or program will provide information necessary for the district in which it is located to participate in PEIMS.


Failure to Discharge or Refuse to Hire

A charter campus or program commits a material violation of its charter if the campus or program fails to comply with the duty to discharge or refuse to hire certain employees or applicants for employment under Education Codes 12.1059, 22.085, or 22.092. Education Code 12.0631

Applicability of Laws

Education Code

  1. Provisions of the Education Code establishing criminal offenses;
  2. Prohibitions, restrictions, or requirements of the Education Code, or a rule adopted under the Education Code, relating to:
    1. PEIMS, to the extent necessary to monitor compliance, as determined by the commissioner;
    2. Criminal history records under Subchapter C, Chapter 22;
    3. High school graduation under Section 28.025;
    4. Special education programs under Subchapter A, Chapter 29;
    5. Bilingual education under Subchapter B, Chapter 29;
    6. Prekindergarten programs under Subchapter E, Chapter 29;
    7. Extracurricular activities under Section 33.081 (i.e., "no pass-no play");
    8. Health and safety under Chapter 38 (including immunizations, dyslexia and related disorders, child abuse reporting, protective eye devices, tobacco and alcohol use, steroid use, access to medical records, and referrals to outside counselors);
    9. Public school accountability under Subchapter B, C, D, F, and J, Chapter 39, and Chapter 39A; and
    10. The duty to discharge or refuse to hire certain employees or applicants for employment under Education Code 12.1059.

Open Meetings and Public Information Acts

Teacher Retirement System


Placement on Probation or Revocation

  1. Committed a material violation of the charter, including by failure to comply with the duty to discharge or refuse to hire certain employees or applicants for employment, as provided by Education Code 12.0631;
  2. Failed to satisfy generally accepted accounting standards of fiscal management; or
  3. Failed to comply with law governing a charter campus or program, another law, or a state agency rule.


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DATE ISSUED: 11/21/2019