Note: If the district is subject to a court order or other binding legal determination, the district shall conduct its elections in accordance with that court order or determination, applicable law, and this policy. To the extent of any conflict, the court order or other legal determination shall prevail. [See BBB(LOCAL)]


Note: For information regarding increasing the number of board members from three or five to seven, see this policy code in the TASB Policy Reference Manual and Education Code 11.051(c).


Note: For website posting requirements regarding trustee information, see CQA.

Uniform Election Dates

  1. The first Saturday in May.
  2. The first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

Joint Elections


  1. The election for the members of the governing body of a municipality located in the district;
  2. The general election for state and county officers, which is held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November in even-numbered years under Election Code 41.002;
  3. The election for the members of the governing body of a hospital district, if the school district:
    1. Is wholly or partly located in a county with a population of less than 40,000 that is adjacent to a county with a population of more than three million; and
    2. Held its election for board members jointly with the election for the members of the governing body of the hospital district before May 2007; or
  4. The election for the members of the governing board of a public junior college district in which the school district is wholly or partly located.

Methods of Election—Options

At Large

Position or Place

Single-Member Districts

On Board's Motion

  1. Hold a public hearing at which registered voters of a district are given an opportunity to comment on whether or not they favor the election of trustees in the manner proposed by the board; and
  2. Publish notice of the hearing in a newspaper that has general circulation in the district, not later than the seventh day before the date of the hearing.

By Voter Petition

Board Member Districts

Residency for First Election

Number and Term

Phase-in Option

Boundary Change Notice

  1. Notify the voter registrar of the county in which the area subject to the boundary change is located of the adopted boundary change; and
  2. Provide the voter registrar with a map of an adopted boundary change in a format that is compatible with the mapping format used by the registrar's office.

Methods of Voting—Options



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DATE ISSUED: 2/1/2018