Loan Secured by Delinquent Tax Pledge

  1. Environmental cleanup and asbestos removal programs implemented by districts; or
  2. Maintenance, repair, rehabilitation, or replacement of heating, air conditioning, water, sanitation, roofing, flooring, electric, or other building systems of existing school properties.

Loans for Current Maintenance Expenses

Short-Term Obligations and Credit Agreements

  1. Has an average daily attendance of 50,000 or more; or
  2. Has:
    1. A principal amount of at least $100 million in outstanding long-term indebtedness, proposed long-term indebtedness, or a combination of outstanding or proposed long-term indebtedness; and
    2. Some amount of long-term indebtedness, outstanding or proposed, to be issued that is rated in one of the four highest rating categories for long-term debt instruments by a nationally recognized rating agency for municipal securities, without regard to the effect of any credit agreement or other form of credit enhancement entered into in connection with the obligation.

Maximum Interest Rate

Gustine ISD



DATE ISSUED: 10/31/2017