Attendance Accounting System

The Superintendent shall be responsible for designating the official attendance-taking time during the campus's instructional day and maintaining a student attendance accounting system in accordance with statutory and TEA requirements. [See also FD for admissions and residency requirements.]

Alternative Attendance-Taking Time

The Superintendent is authorized to establish written procedures permitting a campus to record absences in an alternative hour from the District's official attendance-taking time or for a designated group of students at a campus. The alternative attendance-taking time shall be determined in accordance with TEA's Student Attendance Accounting Handbook and administrative regulations.

Parental Consent to Leave Campus

The Superintendent shall establish procedures regarding parental consent for a student to leave campus, including procedures for documenting a student's absence. The procedures shall be communicated in the employee and student handbooks.

Iredell ISD



DATE ISSUED: 7/2/2020