School Start Date


  1. The district at the beginning of the school year provides, financed with local funds, days of instruction for students at the campus or at each of the multiple campuses, in addition to the minimum number of days of instruction required under Education Code 25.081;
  2. The campus or each of the multiple campuses are undergoing comprehensive reform, as determined by the board; and
  3. A majority of the students at the campus or at each of the multiple campuses are educationally disadvantaged.

Length of School Year


Last Day of School

Optional Flexible Year Program

No Instruction on Memorial Day

Reduction of Funding


  1. A dropout recovery school or program operating under Education Code 12.1141(c) or Education Code 39.0548;
  2. An alternative education program operating under Education Code 37.008;
  3. A school program located at a day treatment facility, residential treatment facility, psychiatric hospital, or medical hospital;
  4. A school program offered at a correctional facility; or
  5. A school operating under the adult high school charter school program.


  1. The number of contract days of employees and the number of days of operation, including any time required for staff development, planning and preparation, and continuing education, otherwise required by law.
  2. Testing dates, data reporting, and related matters.
  3. The date of the first day of instruction of the school year under Education Code 25.0811 for a school that was operating year-round for the 2000–01 school year.
  4. Students' eligibility to participate in extracurricular activities when their calendar track is not in session.

Iredell ISD



DATE ISSUED: 10/20/2021