Note: For information on purchasing technological equipment with the instructional materials and technology allotment, see CMD.

Technology Lending Program Grant

Transfer of Equipment to Students

  1. Any data processing equipment donated to the district, including equipment donated by a private donor, or a state eleemosynary institution or state agency under Government Code 2175.905 [see Fees, below];
  2. Any equipment purchased by the district, to the extent consistent with the provisions at Use of Public Funds, below; and
  3. Any surplus or salvage equipment owned by the district.
  1. Adopt rules governing transfers, including provisions for technical assistance to the student by the district;
  2. Determine that the transfer serves a public purpose and benefits the district; and
  3. Remove from the equipment any offensive, confidential, or proprietary information, as determined by the district.


  1. Donations of data processing equipment for transfer under these provisions; and
  2. Gifts, grants, or donations of money or services to purchase, refurbish, or repair data processing equipment.


Use of Public Funds

  1. Purchase, refurbish, or repair any data processing equipment transferred to a student; and
  2. Store, transport, or transfer data processing equipment under these provisions.


Return of Equipment

  1. Five years after the date the student receives the equipment;
  2. The date the student graduates;
  3. The date the student transfers to another district; or
  4. The date the student withdraws from school.

Data Processing

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DATE ISSUED: 11/11/2019