Integrated Pest Management Program

The District is committed to following integrated pest management (IPM) guidelines as required by Chapter 1951 of the Occupations Code and Title 4, Chapter 7 of the Administrative Code in all pest control activities that take place on District property.


IPM is a pest management strategy that relies on accurate identification and scientific knowledge of target pests, reliable monitoring methods to assess pest presence, preventative measures to limit pest problems, and thresholds to determine when corrective control measures are needed. Under IPM, whenever economical and practical, multiple control tactics shall be used to achieve best control of pests. These tactics shall possibly include, but are not limited to, the judicious use of pesticides.


The District's IPM program shall govern the District's use of pesticides, herbicides, and other chemical agents for the purpose of controlling pests, rodents, insects, and weeds in and around District facilities.

IPM Coordinator

The Superintendent shall designate the IPM coordinator(s), who shall be registered with the Texas Department of Agriculture. The IPM coordinator(s) shall receive training in accordance with law and shall provide training to District employees, as necessary.

Application Time Frame

The IPM coordinator(s), in addition to the responsibilities set out in CLB(LEGAL), shall coordinate with appropriate District administrators or other designated and trained employees regarding pesticide or herbicide applications in accordance with law. The IPM coordinator(s) shall determine when an emergency situation exists and an exception to the 48-hour notice requirement may be made.

No Unauthorized Application

If the IPM coordinator is a licensed applicator, the IPM coordinator may apply pesticides in accordance with law. No other employee or other person or entity shall be permitted to apply a pesticide or herbicide at a District facility without the prior approval of the IPM coordinator and other than in the manner prescribed by law and the District's IPM program.

Iredell ISD



DATE ISSUED: 7/3/2016