Note: For general provisions applicable to district security personnel, including district peace officers, see CKE.

Powers and Duties

Code of Criminal Procedure

Determined by the Board

  1. Has the powers, privileges, and immunities of peace officers;
  2. May enforce all laws, including municipal ordinances, county ordinances, and state laws;
  3. May take a child into custody in accordance with Family Code Chapter 52 [see GRA] or Code of Criminal Procedure 45.058; and
  4. May dispose of cases in accordance with Family Code 52.03 or 52.031.

Chief of Police

Oath and Bond

Preemployment Procedures and Reporting Requirements

  1. Obtain the person's written consent for the agency to review the information required to be reviewed under Occupations Code 1701.451;
  2. Request from TCOLE and any other applicable person information required to be reviewed under Occupations Code 1701.451; and
  3. Submit to TCOLE confirmation that the agency, to the best of the agency's ability before hiring the person:
    1. Contacted each entity or individual necessary to obtain the information required to be reviewed under Occupations Code 1701.451; and
    2. Except as provided below, obtained and reviewed as related to the person, as applicable, the information listed in Occupations Code 1701.451(a)(3)(B).

Confirmation Form


Duty to Provide Information

Separation Report

  1. Submit a separation report (Form F5) to TCOLE; and
  2. Provide a copy to the licensee in a manner prescribed by Occupations Code 1701.452 (Employment Termination Report).

Memorandum of Understanding

Use of Force/Duty to Render Aid


  1. Is controlled remotely by a human operator; or
  2. Operates autonomously through computer software or other programming.
  1. Adopt a written policy regarding the agency's use of force by means of a drone, before the agency first uses a drone, and update the policy as necessary; and
  2. Not later than January 1 of each even-numbered year, submit the policy to TCOLE in the manner prescribed by TCOLE.

Body-Worn Cameras

Motor Vehicle Stops

Civil Penalty

Racial Profiling

Mental Health Crisis or Substance Abuse Issue

  1. There is an available and appropriate treatment center in the agency's jurisdiction to which the agency may divert the person;
  2. It is reasonable to divert the person;
  3. The offense that the person is accused of is a misdemeanor, other than a misdemeanor involving violence; and
  4. The mental health crisis or substance abuse issue is suspected to be the reason the person committed the alleged offense.

Administration of Epinephrine

Officer-Involved Injury or Death

Failure to Report

Complaints Against Peace Officers

Legal Representation

Iredell ISD



DATE ISSUED: 10/20/2021