In addition to responsibilities specifically provided by law or in the Superintendent's contract, the Superintendent shall provide educational leadership, demonstrate district management, and maintain positive Board and community relations.

Educational Leadership

To provide leadership and direction for the development of an educational system that is based on the needs of students, on standards of excellence and equity, and on community goals, the Superintendent shall:

  1. Establish effective mechanisms for communication to and from staff in instructional evaluation, planning, and decision making.
  2. Oversee annual planning for instructional improvement and monitor for effectiveness.
  3. Ensure that goals and objectives form the basis of curricular decision making and instruction and communicate expectations for high achievement.
  4. Ensure that appropriate data are used in developing recommendations and making decisions regarding the instructional program and resources.
  5. Oversee a system for regular evaluation of instructional programs, including identifying areas for improvement, to attain desired student achievement.
  6. Oversee student services, including health and safety services, counseling services, and extracurricular programs, and monitor for effectiveness.
  7. Oversee a discipline management program and monitor for equity and effectiveness.
  8. Encourage, oversee, and participate in activities for recognition of student efforts and accomplishments.
  9. Oversee a program of staff development and monitor staff development for effectiveness in improving district performance.
  10. Stay abreast of developments in educational leadership and administration.

District Management

To demonstrate effective planning and management of District administration, finances, operations, and personnel, the Superintendent shall:

  1. Implement and oversee a planning process that results in goals, targets, or priorities for all major areas of District operations, including facilities maintenance and operations, transportation, and food services.
  2. Monitor effectiveness of District operations against appropriate benchmarks.
  3. Oversee procedures to ensure effective and timely compliance with all legal obligations, reporting requirements, and policies.
  4. Ensure that key planning activities within the District are coordinated and are consistent with Board policy and applicable law and that goals and results are communicated to staff, students, and the public as appropriate.
  5. Oversee a budget development process that results in recommendations based on District priorities, available resources, and anticipated changes to district finances.
  6. Oversee budget implementation to ensure appropriate expenditure of budgeted funds, to provide for clear and timely budget reports, and to monitor for effectiveness of the process.
  7. Ensure that District investment strategies, risk management activities, and purchasing practices are sound, cost-effective, and consistent with District policy and law.
  8. Maintain a system of internal controls to deter and monitor for fraud or financial impropriety in the District.
  9. Ensure that the system for recruiting and selection results in personnel recommendations based on defined needs, goals, and priorities.
  10. Organize District staff in a manner consistent with District priorities and resources and monitor administrative organization at all levels for effectiveness and efficiency.
  11. Oversee a performance appraisal process for all staff that reinforces a standard of excellence and assesses deficiencies; ensure that results are used in planning for improvement.
  12. Administer a compensation and benefits plan for employees based on clearly defined goals and priorities.
  13. Encourage, oversee, and participate in staff recognition and support activities.
  14. Oversee a program for staff retention and monitor for effectiveness.

Board and Community Relations

To maintain positive and professional working relationships with the Board and the community, the Superintendent shall:

  1. Keep the Board informed of significant issues as they arise, using agreed upon criteria and procedures for information dissemination.
  2. Respond in a timely and complete manner to Board requests for information that are consistent with Board policy and established procedures.
  3. Provide recommendations and appropriate supporting materials to the Board on matters for Board decision.
  4. Articulate and support Board policy and decisions to staff and community.
  5. Direct a proactive program of internal and external communication at all levels designed to improve staff and community understanding and support of the District.
  6. Establish mechanisms for community and business involvement in the schools and encourage participation.
  7. Work with other governmental entities and community organizations to meet the needs of students and the community in a coordinated way.


To the extent permitted by law, the Superintendent may delegate responsibilities to other employees of the District but shall remain accountable to the Board for the performance of all duties, delegated or otherwise.

Iredell ISD



DATE ISSUED: 12/13/2018