1. Assuming administrative responsibility and leadership for the planning, organization, operation, supervision, and evaluation of the education programs, services, and facilities of a district and for the annual performance appraisal of the district's staff.
  2. Except as provided by Education Code 11.202 (duties of principal) [see DK and DP], assuming administrative authority and responsibility for the assignment, supervision, and evaluation of all personnel of a district other than the superintendent.
  3. Overseeing compliance with the standards for school facilities. [See CS]
  4. Initiating the termination or suspension of an employee or the nonrenewal of an employee's term contract. [See DF series]
  5. Managing the day-to-day operations of a district as its administrative manager, including implementing and monitoring plans, procedures, programs, and systems to achieve clearly defined and desired results in major areas of district operations.
  6. Preparing and submitting to a board a proposed budget and administering the budget.
  7. Preparing recommendations for policies to be adopted by a board and overseeing the implementation of adopted policies.
  8. Developing or causing to be developed appropriate administrative regulations to implement policies established by a board.
  9. Providing leadership for the attainment and, if necessary, improvement of student performance in a district based on the state's student achievement and quality of learning indicators and other indicators as may be adopted by the commissioner or the board. [See AIA]
  10. Organizing a district's central administration.
  11. Consulting with the district-level committee. [See BQA]
  12. Ensuring:
    1. Adoption of a Student Code of Conduct [see FO] and enforcement of that Code of Conduct; and
    2. Adoption and enforcement of other student disciplinary rules and procedures as necessary.
  13. Submitting reports as required by state or federal law, rule, or regulation, and ensuring that a copy of any report required by federal law, rule, or regulation is also delivered to TEA.
  14. Providing joint leadership with a board to ensure that the responsibilities of the board and superintendent team are carried out; and
  15. Performing any other duties assigned by action of a board.

Collaboration with the Board

  1. Advocate for the high achievement of all district students;
  2. Create and support connections with community organizations to provide community-wide support for the high achievement of all district students;
  3. Provide educational leadership for a district, including leadership in developing the district vision statement and long-range educational plan [see AE];
  4. Establish district-wide policies and annual goals that are tied directly to the district's vision statement and long-range educational plan;
  5. Support the professional development of principals, teachers, and other staff; and
  6. Periodically evaluate board and superintendent leadership, governance, and teamwork.

Prohibited Interference

Iredell ISD



DATE ISSUED: 11/7/2017