Mission Statement

The mission of the Iredell Independent School District is to create an environment in which all our students will develop the skills and attitudes necessary to become responsible citizens equipped to cope with the demands of society. We envision students who are goal oriented and who have a desire and commitment to succeed. We envision students who will be prepared for the next appropriate step in their lives: college, vocational training, employment, marketable skills. Our mission is to develop a climate in which students become lifelong learners who are able to access information and make healthy decisions. It is our intent to provide a school in which basic skills will be mastered and in which students will develop the facility for successful interaction in a diverse, complex society. We think students in the Iredell Independent School District deserve the best, and we will work together to realize this dream. A proper balance between individual rights and responsible behavior is essential if the District is to provide an education system that allows students to develop to their fullest potential.

Iredell ISD



DATE ISSUED: 8/17/1998