Note: The following provisions are from federal law.

Service Animal

Service Dogs

Policies, Practices, or Procedures



  1. The animal is out of control and the animal's handler does not take effective action to control it; or
  2. The animal is not housebroken.
Animal Under Handler's Control


Care or Supervision of Animal


Miniature Horses

Reasonable Modifications

Assessment Factors

  1. The type, size, and weight of the miniature horse and whether the facility can accommodate these features;
  2. Whether the handler has sufficient control of the miniature horse;
  3. Whether the miniature horse is housebroken; and
  4. Whether the miniature horse's presence in a specific facility compromises legitimate safety requirements that are necessary for safe operation.

Other Requirements

Note: The following provisions are from state law.

Assistance Animals

Assistance Animal Access

Harassment and Harm Prohibited


Responsibilities of Persons with Disabilities


  1. Commits a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of not more than $300 and 30 hours of community service to be performed for a governmental entity or nonprofit organization that primarily serves persons with visual impairments or other disabilities, or for another entity or organization at the discretion of the court, to be completed in not more than one year; and
  2. Is deemed to have deprived a person with a disability of his or her civil liberties. Subject to Human Resources Code 121.0041 (pertaining to notice of claim and opportunity for cure), if applicable, the person with a disability deprived of his or her civil liberties may maintain an action for damages in a court of competent jurisdiction, and there is a conclusive presumption of damages in the amount of at least $300 to the person with a disability.

Woodville ISD



DATE ISSUED: 10/11/2017